what to wear

Clothing is a key element for beautiful, timeless portraits.  What you wear for your session is the single most important consideration that impacts the overall look and feel of your images, second only to your choice in photographer.


clothing choice

Whether you dress up, dress down, or get totally funky, it is important that every member finds their style.  Does your daughter prefer pants instead of dresses?  Does your son like to wear button down shirts over an untucked T-shirt? Appearing in the same image doesn’t mean you have to wear the same outfits.  While we’ve all seen the images of families together on a beach in white shirts and khakis (and those images have their place), it is also important to showcase your individual styles and personalities through the clothing you select.

Matching one another in terms of formality and the style of dress is different than being matchy-matchy.  It simply means dad shouldn’t show up in a tie and jacket while the kids wear jeans and T-shirts.  Coordinating in style without wearing the exact clothes will make for perfect portraits.



For a child photo shoot, I like to think of it as a time for your child to shine!  I usually recommend bare feet for indoors and boots or shoes that compliment their outfits for outside. Clothing that has texture, such as knitting, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons and ruffles are fun.  This type of clothing tends to photograph well and adds a lot of visual interest.  

For siblings it can be difficult to choose colors and styles that don’t clash or match, but here are a couple hints when organizing for the day.  If your daughter decides on a dress in gingham blue and white, your son may choose a solid blue shirt that picks up the blue in her clothes.  As a rule, if you can wear all the colors within one outfit, then your children will be coordinated without competing or being too matchy.


When preparing to choose clothing for your family, think about a style and colors that you like.  Don’t neglect mom or dad. Have parents dress fashionable yet simple and have the kids showcase their unique styles.  If you have five people all dressing with a lot of layers and accessories it can be too much.  Dark jeans that have a grit to them is always a great choice for the parents or especially the husband.  If you are going to wear a print, stay away from small prints, there is not a lot of visual interest; think bold, but no logos.  Continue to think about texture and color and you may think that certain colors don’t go together, but again think outside the box and have fun! Wearing cream and muted colors is another gorgeous way to dress for your family shoot.  It is elegant, timeless and beautiful.  

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