Beauty Revived Nominations are now open!


Think of the most “Beautiful" Mothers you know. I am talking about the real, genuine beauty that is not measured by their waist size or flare for fashion, but by their character. I want to hear her story. You can nominate her to be selected for the America's 50 Most Beautiful Mothers Edition of Beauty Revived here.

As part of Beauty Revived, a photography movement, I am asking for nominations for beautiful mothers in The North County San Diego area to be featured in a national magazine.

Hundreds of photographers applied to be a part of the Beauty Revived 50 Most Beautiful Mothers campaign and I am so incredibly honored to be the only San Diegian chosen to find a deserving mother to photograph.

This is not a beauty contest. I am looking to recognize inner beauty of character, grace, integrity and self sacrifice of a humble mother. I want to share the daily sacrifices they make and how they tackle each day with incredible love, patience and kindness and how they radiate constant beauty, even amidst the most challenging circumstances.

I am fortunate to know a bevy of women like this, but I want to hear from you and to meet the incredible women who you believe deserve to be recognized. If you know someone with these qualities, I want to share her story.

I am accepting nominations from now until March 4th. The mother who is selected will be gifted a photo session with me and featured in the Mother's Day Edition of the online and print editions of Beauty Revived. If your nominated mother is chosen, I will contact you via email by March 7th and will need your help in notifying your nominee.

You can nominate a beautiful mother you know below.

If you want more information about Beauty Revived and are interested in reading other inspirational stories of past nominees, check out the website Beauty Revived.

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