Every summer I visit my sister in Idaho.  Every year Sophia has already asked about 15 times by now, "When are we going back?"  It would be so fun to go hang out during the winter, if only we knew how to ski or liked being cold.  Growing up in San Diego and living here my whole life I realize what a wimp I am.  I am blessed with a husband who likes to surf and vacation in exotic locations.  I never have to worry about packing cold weather gear.  But thinking about my sister and how she takes her kids skiing as much as possible during the winter and all of the stories and videos of her adventures I get to hear, I have got to admit I almost want to try it.  It would be fun seeing Sophia and her cousins zip down the mountain and my husband grinning from ear to ear right behind them.  It would make my heart smile.  Maybe next year?

lifestyle photography - idaho - 2015

FOREVER CAPTURED IMAGES  I  Kristy Ambrogio  I  child and family photographer